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Affordable Family Health Insurance

by Joel Ohman


Finding affordable family health insurance can many be somewhat of a chore. When you are not offered a health plan from your employer and you are unsure of how to properly evaluate the different health insurance companies and individual health insurance plans available to you then it becomes important to have a clear plan of action.

Here are 3 quick steps to take to find family health care coverage that is affordable:

1. Determine your monthly health care expense budget amount. Keep in mind that most individual health plan rates will be approximately half the cost of a comparable group health plan because of the differences in underwriting. If your family is healthy then this will work to your favor. Also, be sure to investigate the many different high deductible plans (such as Health Savings Accounts) that are fast becoming a popular way to lower your monthly premiums.

2. Compare health insurance quotes from multiple companies. Compare quotes from at least 3 well known and reputable companies (find insurance companies that offer coverage in your zip code by comparing free health insurance quotes). If you travel frequently then you will want to take into consideration the size of the insurance company's network.

3. Research insurance companies in your state. Compare a potential insurance companies AM Best rating (an independent measurement of an insurance company's financial strength) and their NAIC consumer complaint ratio (a statistic that will show how the level of satisfaction that consumers in your state have had with insurance companies licensed to do business in your state).

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Compare health insurance quotes from multiple companies and learn about California health insurance options. Take a few moments to learn about the different health insurance plan options in your area so that you can be better equipped to find the most appropriate health care coverage for you and your family!

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