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Anaerobic Exercise For Avoiding Weight Gain

by Robert Baird


There are various products which are available in the market and are designed to cause effective weight loss. This is a prevalent occurrence in almost all of the premier nations of the world as obesity today is a necessary evil that has gripped society from all corners. In the United States of America , about 65% of its adult population is overweight and 30% are obese and in great danger. It is even more alarming to find that it is not only adults who are falling victim to the adverse effects of obesity. But currently a growing number of children and youngsters are victims of obesity as well. It is necessary to remember that being overweight is dangerous and obesity can drive people to death as it makes a person much more susceptible to contracting diseases like cancer and diabetes apart form heart ailments. Therefore under such circumstances the only way out is by attaining weight loss. Since antiquity it has been considered by medical practitioners that one of the most effective means of losing weight is not by consuming scores f weight loss supplements and pills but rather by following a balanced diet and a rigorous exercise regimen. In fact physical fitness contributes immensely in ensuring a healthy body and a healthy mind as well. Anaerobic exercises are usually practiced by the athletes and sportspersons for aiding them in improving their performances and are effective measures to maintain a healthy body and retain perfect body weight. Anaerobic exercises are high intensity exercises and concentrate on the strengthening of the muscles and muscle tissues and therefore they reduce the accumulation of fats and aid loss of weight. However it is necessary to remember that unlike anaerobic exercises which can be carried on for longer durations of time, anaerobic exercises are of shorter time durations. The term ‘anaerobic' itself refers to the mode of exercising without oxygen i.e. during the time when anaerobic exercising is being practiced, the blood oxygen level remains quite low and the muscles being exercised are in unable to meet the required oxygen levels and take the aid of certain other processes to help in the production of energy. Anaerobic exercises are usually of 2 minutes duration and any form of exercising exceeding this time is considered to be aerobic exercise.

There are basically two different kinds of anaerobic energy systems which help in the performing of anaerobic exercises. These include the lactic acid system and the ATP-PCr system.

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