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Angelfish Aquarium And Care

by John Ugoshowa


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Angelfish is a large breed. The Pterophyllum spp. Cichlidae family includes the black Angel come from the Amazon Basin. As well, the fish are found in Orinoco and Rio Tapajos. Angelfish are choice aquarium fish, since the breeds will feast on huge live bait.

The body of Angelfish differs, but many have deep shape bodies. The fish include anal and dorsal fins, which also differ in color. Angelfish has curvature eyes, which offset small pouting lips. Some Angelfish have blue sheens and black spots, which make the fish one of the most desirable. The fish will live in water temperatures 72 degrees Fahrenheit, except when breeding then the water temperature must rise to 77 or 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

pH Balance:
Maintain a pH balance at 7:

The lighting should be subdued. The fish prefer to live in wild natured environments, and enjoy flourishing vegetation. In summary put the fish in large, deep, and wild water conditions. Angelfish have required sufficient covering; otherwise, the fish tend to feel nervous. The fish have bones located in the throat area, therefore when they start breeding and you hear a noise, don't sweat it.

Harlequin fish, which include the Rasbora Heteromorpha, The fish is kin to the Cyprinidae family and is spotted in eastern Sumatra, Thailand, and the Malayan Peninsula waters. This is one of the cutest little critters, which ahs a thickset, deep shape. The fish has a silver-gray tone with shimmering sheens. In addition, the Harlequin has a light underside, as well as a patch of purple-black and/or blue body. The fish grows up to 1 ¾ inches in size. Harlequin fish tend to prefer warm waters, which the tank should be set between 75 degrees and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. During breeding set the waters at 82 degrees Fahrenheit. The pH balance should be set at 5.3 and no higher than 5.7. The fish prefers hardness water conditions, which rate at 1.5 and no higher than 2.5. You want to provide sufficient swimming room, slighting filtered peat water, and subdued lights. Peat water can be supplied from woodland streams.

Scat comes from the Scatophagus Argus group and is family to the Scatophagidae. The fish derives from eastern parts of India. The fish has a golden brown tone, which has brownish spots sprinkled about. This fish shaped like a hexagonal. In addition, the fish grows up to 11 ¾ inches in size. Scat fish prefer brackish, seawater, or even freshwater to dwell in. The fish requires a neutral pH balance and strong alkalinity, as well as hard waters. You should supply 2 gallons of water to 3 or 4 teaspoons of salt. As for light, the fish prefers good lighting and prefers substrate areas. You should furnish his home well, and provide sand to the bottom of your tank. This fish will eat plants, yet you should supply him with the tougher plant group.

As for feeding, well the Scat fish tend to enjoy live food, and a bit of matter from vegetation. You will need a sturdy filter to house this fish, as well as willingness to change the water frequently. Scat fish have a biological peaceful nature. The fish swims in a wobbling motion, and prefers to dwell with compatible fish.

If you are a starter in fish, care and aquarium sway away from fish difficult to maintain, as well as the dangerous fish. Piranhas are unfriendly fish, which requires detailed instructions to maintain, therefore the piranhas is an example of fish you want to avoid. After you learn and gain experience, you can try piranhas later.

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