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Around The World In 8 Minutes

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by maxine greco


How exactly do you accomplish going around the world in eight minutes? A globe will take you around the world in eight minutes!

There are so many globes to choose from. Globes come in all sizes, from hand-held to those that will barely fit through your front door. Some are available with a raised relief, showing the mountain ranges with the water areas in a different color. Desk sized globes are a convenient shape to keep out in just about any room from an office to a bedroom. Up-to-date information is very important. You won't be able to find the word for a crossword puzzle, or locate an area featured on the news without a map showing the "new" boundaries and names of countries. Even the U.S.S.R. has been re-named Russia, which was the original name of the country. Capital cities also change and these are also depicted on a good quality globe. There are also antique globes that show the world as it was thought to be and are not accurate by today's standards. There are also globes of the moon, showing the moon landings and the lighter and darker areas that we have observed by telescope.

For ease in viewing, there are floor-standing globes. They are made like a piece of furniture, and are often the focal point of a room's decor. Available in an array of sizes with bases in many wood finishes, you can match any design period. Wrought iron bases are another starkly modern treatment. Globes are also available in Lucite, where the entire globe and base is transparent. One of the newest looks today is the globe made out of semi-precious stones. These are definitely show stoppers, designed in jade, mother of pearl, jasper, turquoise and lapis, causing you to admire them for beauty of the stones, as well as the vastness of our earth. These generally have a solid brass or chrome base and are quite heavy.

No one can resist looking at a beautiful globe. The size of our world is easy to understand when you are viewing it on a globe. And you certainly need to consult the globe when listening to the news. Without a globe to locate cities and states being affected by weather, or war, or disease, you cannot comprehend the vast devastation of what is being reported.

Globes are also available with a lighted background. This brightens the entire area, clearly defining water and land. Some have different degrees of lighting, almost using them as a "night" light or to brighten a room corner. Remember, it's easiest to comprehend distance between states and countries while looking at a globe. The incredible vastness of our planet is plainly visible. Enjoy your trip around the world, which takes just minutes, but will give you hours of enjoyment.

Information About The Author

Maxine Greco has been in the luggage and travel business for over 35 years. She currently works at Village Luggage and Gifts.

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