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A Look at Luxury Yacht Charters
Luxury yachts are floating hotels at your command. They vary in length from less than 100 feet to over 300 feet, and a week's charter is priced between $50,000 and $250,000. They can accommodate up to two-dozen guests and half the number of crew.

The Need for Well-Trained Yacht Crews
The safest and most convenient yacht charters are on board yachts that have a well-trained, experienced crew. One just leaves to the crew all the worries about the handling and safety of the yacht and about catering to your needs. If you want a tension-free, hassle-free dream vacation on the sea, go for crewed yacht charter.

The Unique Benefits of Motor Yacht Charters
Unlike the sailboats, a motor yacht does not depend on wind velocity for charting its course. Motor yachts can have more flexible cruising routes than sail boats whose operational area is heavily dependent on wind conditions.

Mega Yacht Charters
If you are looking for the best in hospitality, luxury accommodations and five-star cuisine to entertain family, friends or important business associates, a mega yacht charter may be the perfect choice.

The Luxury of Renting Private Yacht Charters
You can relax on a private yacht and travel at your own pace, pampered all the way, for much less than what you end up paying for a crowded cruise ship. Private yacht charters are becoming increasingly popular for intimate and flexible vacations. And most yacht charters are just as attentive to your needs as any cruise ship.

A Look at Corporate Yacht Charters
Going out to sea with top executives of your company, spending time together onboard, taking part in water sports, relishing an exquisite dinner and clinking of glasses at sea, or partying while you cruise along a vast stretch of ocean can be a morale boosting experience.

A Look at Mediterranean Yacht Charters
The Greek coast offers style and glamour, particularly in its vivid nightlife. World-famous celebrities are known to visit some of the restaurants, clubs and bars on the Greek islands.

Caribbean Yacht Charters
The Bahamas and the Virgin Islands are two of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean for yacht charter vacation seekers, particularly during the winter.

Yacht Charters Provide a Luxurious Escape
Dream holidays on a well-equipped, well-stocked yacht are not just for the rich and mighty; they are within your reach, too. Just charter a yacht and sail off to your dream destination.

River Rafting: An Overview
White-water rafting can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of a lifetime. River rafters see breathtaking scenery, get great exercise, and experience terrific adventure. There are great places to go river rafting all over the world, but many of the best rivers for white-water rafting are here in the United States.

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