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Car Clubs Yesterday And Today

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by Dennis James


Car clubs provide both men and women a great place to meet people who love and enjoy the same type of cars they personally like. Most car clubs, in general, target one special type of car or truck and there are many very famous car clubs in the United States that people thrill to join if they own these cars, like the Corvette car club or the Mustang car club just to name a couple. Whether you already own the car you always wanted or you simply dream of getting that car, joining a car club related to that particular automobile is a must. Car clubs are a great way to meet other people with interests that are in common with your own.

The idea of a car club has actually been around for a very long time and historically for America, one of the first was the Crosley Car Owners Club. This car club was started sometime in the late 30's for American automobile enthusiasts. Typically car clubs are ran by non-profit groups who are referred to as committee members and usually there is a president. Many enthusiasts are attracted to join car clubs because of the information and publications they can get when joining a car club. Car club members enjoy many benefits like getting rare auto photographs, messages from other members, service and parts advice, items and vehicles wanted and/or for sale, and historical material of interest to the membership.

Many times people are missing the boat by thinking that car clubs are simply for those people who want or have a souped-up car that is flashy, while in fact, nothing could be farther from the facts. While, its true, car clubs can be found for most any style a person may like from corvettes to low riders, big monster trucks and race cars to very expensive high end vehicles. It seems that car clubs have been branded with a certain stigma to be more for young people that dream of owning a tricked up ride, with the truth being that car clubs are actually more popular with older generations who have more time and usually become members to meet people with the same interest as they have.

Many have restrictions on age that is, of cars that are too young. What do you get when you join a car club? This varies from club to club, but we have found a few things that are more prevalent. Many of the clubs have a monthly newsletter that will notify you of new products and accessories, cars for sale and upcoming car events. There is also gear that you can buy related to that car including t-shirts, hats, key chains, travel mugs and water bottles. You typically get a discount on these items if you belong to these clubs. If the club has a website, you can join the forum to share information about things you have done to your car as well as solicit advice from others.

If you are a car collector or plan to purchase a car, car clubs can also help you find good deals. Car club memberships also make wonderful gifts for car buffs and it's really a nice surprise for someone who really has wanted to join their favorite car club. Therefore, no matter what car is the love of your life, sports cars, classics or vintage, there is a car club just waiting for you. You can join for a small fee, but the perks, discounts and networking make it all well worth it. If, on the off chance, you can't find a car club that fits your needs, consider starting your own. Chances are there are others out there who would love to join the club and swap car tips and information with each other. With the rapid advancement of the internet finding a car club for whatever may be your interest is easier than ever before. The internet lets you have access to the greatest car clubs in both America and other countries worldwide.

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Dennis runs Mr. Car Quote which is a Car Buying Service and where you can get just as good of a price quote as if you had used a expensive Car Broker.

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