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Cortisol And Its Negative Effects On Weight Loss

by Robert Baird


It is interesting to note that one of the major concerns of the medical fraternity at present is obesity and its harmful effects on society. In most of the premier countries of the world, obesity is a growing menace and not only adults, even children are falling victim to it now. One of the major causes that facilitate weight gain and obesity is the practicing of an unhealthy lifestyle and lack of regular exercising. It is to be remembered that being overweight can make one susceptible to contracting various harmful diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart ailments and therefore weight loss is the only way out The current pressures and competitive atmospheres of professional life leave individuals with very little to unwind and this along with unhealthy food habits lead to obesity. There are innumerable fast food chains in almost every nook and corner and most individuals today consume these fast food varieties which are high in calories and low in terms of real nutritional value. They are one of the major causes leading to obesity. It is also important to point out that psychological factors can also have a negative effect on weight loss and lead to obesity. One of the most important factors to be discussed in this case is stress. Modern life is full of ups and downs and not everyone is successful. Several factors may contribute to a person becoming stressful and medical science has proved that under immense stress, the human body releases a hormone known as cortisol which is secreted form the adrenaline glands. This unique component called cortisol can cause weight gain in an individual. This is because the cortisol hormone is quite instrumental in producing excess glucose in the body by means of the glucocorticoid effect which leads the protein content within the body to release glucose. This excess glucose thus released leads to the production of extra fat and therefore it makes a person overweight.

One of the most important means of countering the adverse effects of the cortisol hormone is by ensuring that one is stress free as much as possible and also ensure that one maintains a healthy lifestyle and follows a balanced diet. This is because gaining of weigh is noticed even more in those individuals who consume food items having higher proportions of fat than those consuming items having lower fat content. It is also suggested that one can opt foe anti-obesity hormones like DHEA which facilitate weight loss considerably.

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