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Debt Management – For Women

by Adam Heist


There are a lot of women who delegate their financial security to their spouse. These are the same women who find themselves in poverty or debt ridden in the event of a divorce or death. Then there are a lot of women who simply spend a lot more than they earn. In either case the result is dreadfully the same.

A women's personality can identify her financial habits. Those that are assertive, open to change and have an optimistic outlook are the same ones who are highly capable in managing their money matters.

Suze Orman, the TV show host has a famous tag line that says People first, then Money, then Things. Suze believes that our problems with money are a manifestation of the problems we face in our relationships. Work on one, and the other will take care of itself.

Money represents different things to different people. It can represent power, love or control and our beliefs about money determine our habits with money. In case you are not where you wish to be financially try to examine what drives you when it comes to money and try to overcome the psychological blocks that keep you from realizing your financial freedom.

Here are some of the most important things that women can do to realize their financial goals:-

1. Never rely on anyone else for your financial security. Educate yourself about money matters and investing.
2. Always set financial goals. It is a key to financial success. Keep a close eye on those goals and see how close or how far you have come, and how far you still need to go.
3. Never use money to help yourself feel good. Such is a fleeting emotion and will not last. Instead practice things which promote self respect and creativity in order to fill the feel good gap.
4. Save and keep an emergency fund. This is what will keep you going when you lose your job, incur a large unexpected bill or face a heavy credit card debt.
5. Get higher education. Those will college degrees earn significantly more than those without.
6. Spend less than you earn. It's the only secret to creating wealth (and luckily also the simplest!)
7. Do not let the fear of losing money or the fear of feeling that you don't know enough, keep you from investing you money.
8. Finally, learn from you mistakes.

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