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Diet Weight Loss And Its Merits And Demerits

by Robert Baird


The progress of medical science has brought to the forefront the various harmful effects of different diseases and it is through such studies that it has been revealed that obesity is gradually emerging as one of the greatest evils in the society and in a developed country like the USA, a growing percentage of the adult population is falling victim to it. Being overweight can be detrimental to health as an obese person is much more susceptible to contracting fatal diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart ailments etc. than a normal weight person. Therefore, it is advisable that all obese individuals must lead a healthy lifestyle and follow a rigorous exercising regimen supplemented by a balanced diet in order to lose weight.

There are various effective diet weight loss programs available and it is to be remembered that before indulging into a diet program for losing weight, the individual must consult thoroughly with medical practitioners to ensure that the weight loss diet he wishes to incorporate is suitable for his body and would not cause any adverse side effect. In case of diet weight loss programs, there are mainly two major diet plans which are considered to be extremely successful in aiding weight loss. These are the low carb diets and the low fat diet. In case of the low carb diets, the carbohydrate content in the food is greatly limited while protein content is high. The low carb diets ensure that calorie consumption is reduced since the consumption of processed food ingredients high on carbohydrates like rice, potato, corns etc are restricted and this enables weight loss as the fat production in the body is diminished as a result of this. However, certain food like fruits and vegetables, seafood, poultry and meat are allowed for consumption in low carb diets. The very well-known Atkins diet program is also a low carb diet. Low fat diets contain high proportions of carbohydrates and proteins in moderate quantities. It is considered as one of the most effective means of losing weight. In this case it must be mentioned that high protein and high fat diets are considered to be extremely unhealthy for the human body and therefore should be strictly avoided by obese individuals. The complex carbohydrates which constitute the low fat diets are very healthy and have very minute tendencies of getting transformed into fat thus reducing the body's fat content. It is necessary for the individual to remember that quick weight loss diets like fad diets are extremely ineffective and cause more harm to the body.

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