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Do You Harbor Resentment?

by Paul Hegarty


Harboring resentment is a physiological cancer. Resentment is a form of anger. This can be an extreme form of grievance. This grievance can be real or imagined. The fact that you resent means that it occupies your mind. This prevents clear thinking.

Life is short although that could be argues when you are unhappy. Now when you hear this as a teen nothing seems further from the truth, especially if you are going through some hard times. However you will find as you get older, time goes by very quickly.

The point is this. When you resent something it is important to understand why? In resentment you are holding a grudge. This creates pain and anguish. When you hold a grudge you are living in the past, and consequently this will affect your future. Grudges such as these pervert your outlook on life.

Relationship is the essence of life. Without one another we are nothing. Harboring resentment will affect your relationships in the future. Harboring resentment forms into bitterness which will make you an unattractive person. Understanding why you have resentment is imperative. Resentment is a reaction normally caused by a personal challenge.

Deal with resentment and get over it. Move on in life if you do not, life will leave you behind. Life will leave you in the ashes of yesterday. There is no time like the present. What has happened has happened. You cannot change the past but you can live in the present and as a result have a healthier future.

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Paul Hegarty is the owner of - your guide to Yoga DVDs. the site that makes learning fun and easy.

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