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How to Get Your CD Mastered for Free
Finding free CD mastering services is difficult, but possible. There are several ways of getting CDs mastered for free. For one, it is often possible to download free trial CD mastering software from websites.

How to Save Time and Money with Online CD Mastering
Online CD mastering is a great time saving option for recording artists working on a deadline. This process involves the artist sending the rough mixes of the music to the CD mastering studio via the Internet.

The Benefits of CD Mastering Software
There are several editions of CD mastering software on the market today. Many of these programs are a good purchase for recording artists who adhere to the "do it yourself" philosophy. CD mastering software is also well-suited for novice recording artists who have a limited budget.

CD Mastering Facilities: An Overview
The facility used to master the CD is nearly as important as the engineer. CD mastering facilities are distinct from recording studios, and while a facility can include both recording and mastering equipment, most high-end CD mastering facilities are separate. The type of equipment used in different CD mastering facilities varies greatly.

The Role of CD Mastering Engineers
If a recording artist has any hopes of their songs being played on the radio, it is vital that their rough mix is mastered well. Often the best way to do this is to hire a CD mastering engineer. Professional CD mastering engineers can make a decent mix sound good and a good mix sound amazing.

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