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Find The Right Insurance Broker

by Peter Kenny


If you are a business manager or owner, then one of the most important decisions you will have to make is choosing the right insurance broker for your business insurance needs. Although this is an important decision, it can be tricky to get right unless you can pinpoint exactly what you want from the broker or agent and what it is they can provide you with. Here are some useful tips on how to find the right insurance broker for your business needs:

Brokers and agents

In general, there are some differences between brokers and agents, although these differences can be quite complicated. Basically, you can have either an agent who works for a particular insurer, or a broker who is independent and does not work for any insurance company. The differences between agents and brokers are becoming blurred as many people act as both agents and brokers depending on your needs and the insurance companies involved.

Independent or not?

One of the most difficult decisions to make when looking for an insurance agent or broker is whether or not you should go for an independent agent or someone who works for a particular insurer. Obviously, someone who works for a particular insurer can only offer you products from that particular company, and if these prices aren't competitive then you may find yourself paying too much for your insurance. However, the advantage of an insurer-employed agent is that they have full access to the policies of an insurance company. Independent brokers do not work for any particular company, and so they can look at a number of insurance companies for you. The problem with this type of agent or broker is that they may have limited access to insurance companies, and you are in essence paying for a service that you could carry out yourself.

Agent expertise

When looking for an agent or broker, you need to evaluate their level of expertise. A good agent is able to advise you in detail on all aspects of insurance for your company. You are relying on them too help you get the level of coverage that you need, so it is important that they have the expertise required. Many people pick their agent based on who has the best personality. Personality is a factor, but expertise is far more important. If you don't pick someone who has the right level of expertise both in insurance and in your business sector, then you could end up paying too much or not being adequately covered.

Choosing the agent

Once you have decided what criteria are important, and established a budget for acquiring an agent, then you need to begin the selection process. You should ask the potential candidates about their professional qualifications, and also for their personal CV. You want to make sure that the agent you select is skilled in insurance coverage, and is more than just a salesman. Also, ask the agent some theoretical insurance problems that you know the answer to, as this can determine how knowledgeable and honest they are.

Drawing up terms

Once you have chosen an agent, make sure that all their duties and obligations are put in writing. Don't assume that the agent will carry out all items that you expect them to. If you have the duties in writing then there is no room for error, and you will get the level of service that you desire. If you look around and do your research before employing an agent, and make it clear what you want, then you will find the right insurance agent or broker for your needs.

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