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Ford - One Of The World'S Big Three

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by Ivan Cuxeva Jr


One of the most profitable company in the automotive world is known as Ford. This is an American multinational corporation which is considered the third largest automaker based on sales. In 2006 was only topped by Toyota and General Motors as far as vehicle production according to OICA.

Ford divisions and subsidiaries include: Jaguar, Land Rover, Lincoln, Mercury and Volvo Cars. Aston Martin was also part of the Premiere Automotive Group which is a division of the Ford Motors Company until 2007 when it was purchased by a British consortium for GBP 479 million.

Ford is also one of the companies which introduced several innovations to the automotive industry, one of them is the production assembly line which is not only used in car manufacturing but in fields such as technology, construction, etc. At some point the Ford Motor Company considered suing other car companies because they used the assembly line in their production. Ford decided not to go through with the lawsuit because they realized it was vital to creation and expansion of the industry as a whole.

Due to such innovations, Ford's factories became extremely efficient which was of benefit to employees who were getting paid very well, and yet the production costs were relatively low, this later became known as Fordism.

Today, this company takes great pride in their vehicles which have been accepted worldwide for their quality levels. Cars models such as Mustang created a great buzz in the automotive community ever since it's first generation. Contemporary Mustangs have increased the passion of many car enthusiast who have created many customization packages which are referred to as MODs. Changes and upgrades to headlights, bumper, decal additions, tail, rims, tires, paint all contribute to the way these cars are perceived.

Aston Martin set a very high standard during the time it was under Ford's supervision and it's cars were featured in films such as 007's "Casino Royale". On the the other hand, Jaguar which is a subsidiary of Ford, keeps producing luxury cars which set a standard in elegance. The Jaguar model XJR-15 gave a new twist to the car style this subsidiary produces since its appearance is that of a sports-performance vehicle.

This company has also diversified its portfolio by not only focusing in sport and luxury cars but in vehicles which run using alternative fuels to keep the environment clean. These vehicles use CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), electricity as well as a combination of Ethanol and Gasoline. Currently there seems to be significant efforts aimed towards the production and distribution of E85 (Ethanol 85%) fuels so it will be interesting to know what kind of fuels future Ford vehicles will use.

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