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Gift Baskets Designed For Women

by Robert Baird


In western cultures, presenting gift baskets on special occasions or simply out of affection for a close one has emerged to be a very popular activity in recent times. This upsurge has resulted in the development of profitable opportunities for the gift basket manufacturers who have been able to create a flourishing business out of this. Gift baskets are available in innumerable designs and patterns and many of them are created especially for special occasions like weddings or even cultural festivals.

Designing a gift basket for women is an indomitable task as it is a known fact that it is quite difficult to make out what exactly will be alluring to the female eye. Women are more often perceived as delicate, fragile and their penchant for beauty makes it easier for the gift basket manufacturers to ensure that the basket consists of a variety of wares from chocolates to cosmetics. However, as a majority of the fairer sex is now professionally independent, the common perception regarding women has also undergone a total change. Therefore, while designing a gift basket for the woman of today, one needs to keep in mind that she is a mix of odds, fragility and strength, beauty and power as well. Most of the gift baskets that have been designed for women contain cosmetic products like moisturizers, bath soaks, body wash and massage oils. These are products which are meant to appeal to the women as a form of providing them relaxation at the end of a hectic day at work or at home. Most of these products are quite safe for usage as they are made from natural and herbal products like olive oil which is extremely beneficial for the skin as well as the body and several other essential oils like eucalyptus, spearmint, lavender and many others. These are often supplemented by aromatic candles and other decorations like incense sticks which also shape up the ambience for enjoying these goodies while relaxing.

A very popular component included in gift baskets for women are flowers. Roses are the most popular in this respect and most of the gift baskets are decorated elaborately with floral decorations that not only add splendor to the appearance of the gift basket but at the same time they are also able to impress the fairer sex. Chocolate and chocolate chips and cookies are also used in designing the gift baskets for women. Other gourmet items like beverages and confectionary items are also included.

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