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GSA Will Use Tomoye Software For The CIO Council

by Lori Bassarab


The United States General Services Administration's Office of Technology Strategy (OTS), has purchased Tomoye Corporations online community of practice software. This enterprise platform software, referred to as Ecco (Enterprise Collaborative Communities Online), will be used to facilitate professional online forums.
OTS supports the government-wide collaboration of the Federal Chief Information Officers Council (CIOC), whose members manage billions of dollars in annual Federal IT expenditures. Tomoye's Ecco software will be used to discuss issues and challenges outside of regularly scheduled meetings, promote stakeholder participation, and allow documents to be shared internally as well as with external affinity groups.

Online communities of practice are an important part of the US Government's "e-Gov initiative." Organizations are continuing to see how implementing online communities of practice increase productivity, organize information, provide access to experts, and further generate revenues. Director of Sales at Tomoye, John Martin, states "We are extremely happy to have been chosen by the GSA to support this project. It is quite exciting to know that every CIO in the US Government will have a chance to use our software. We know that this initiative will be extremely successful."
Tomoye already does extensive business with the US government. Having CIOs throughout the US government using Tomoye's software will increase its already high demand in that area. The growing need for leaders to share and gather information quickly spurs the marketplace demand for community of practice software and consulting services.
About Tomoye
Tomoye is a leading consulting and software firm that tailors online professional forums to the unique needs of our clients. Fortune 500 companies and government departments around the world choose Tomoye for its expertise in developing leaders to facilitate organization-wide communities of practice that generate and share knowledge. For further information about Tomoye, visit

Information About The Author

For more information, please contact: Lori Bassarab,, or (819) 246-9007, ext.324.

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