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Homeowners Reverse Mortgage Appeal

by Rolf Rasmusson


Reverse Mortgage

We've got the new reverse mortgage kid on the block becoming more popular everyday. The growing crowd of senior citizens is putting a whole new meaning to the word growth. Seniors starting at age (62) can apply for the relatively new concept providing either lump sum or monthly income cash flow by using the reverse mortgage.

Taking your time to get the facts is well worth doing. You'll find as we did that the obligation is reasonable, fair and makes sense. There is also the FHA involuement keeping things straight. It became or opinion that this financial tool was a good fit for us as well as coad esy to uerstand. We also discovered that we weren't giving up our home or creating a undesirable liability.

Like you perhaps we've worked all of our adult lives raising a family, making mortgage payments, incurring dental and medical costs, clothes, food and who else know what, but we did it joyfully. Now as we've aged to those golden but goodie years we're told and it's time to take a nice long break. Trouble is we've spent most of our money handling our previous responsibilities in raising our family. Now that we have the time we really don't have the money to do some of the simple enjoyable things we were looking forward to doing.

You can probably emphasize with us as many others are in the same boat. We so to speak run out of money before we run out of the month. So when we heard about the new kid on the block we listened up and got the facts. Over the years our home had increased in value tremendously, far beyond our expectations. Fortunately our home is now paid for and will provide us wth plenty of funds to go ahead with some the the plans we had and thought we gone. We sincerely encourage you to get the facts in order to make a good decision for you regarding the reverse mortgage.

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