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How Is Body Building And Fat Loss Related To Each Other?

by John Ugoshowa


Body building is a great way to achieve fat loss; on the other hand, fat loss is a great gateway to body building. The weight training exercises can have a two-in-one effect, i.e. turn the fat loss into body building muscle mass.

Body Building And Fat Loss Are Complementary To Each Other

When one starts body building, the body weight trainer would first assign short-term weight training programs for the initial stages. This short-term weight loss would be focused on fat loss. In turn the fat loss would pave the way for muscle build up. There is a third component to the body building and fat loss block, and this third factor is, the diet.

There could be no body building without fat loss weight program; and no fat loss program without a proper diet plan. The diet plan is the third magic ingredient. Here the body building and fat loss are in a total complementary relation, while the diet is the catalyst for achieving the goal.

The best body building programs will fail when and if they are not backed by a proper and carefully drawn up diet. Of late, an amazing formula has been discovered which works best in the body building and fat loss weight training program. This involves observing a diet of complex carbohydrates with no exceptions for three days while on the fourth day the diet can comprise anything at all. In other words, you should observe strict diet on three days and binge on the fourth if you want to.

This diet works like magic. Because three days is not a long time, people are able to observe this complex carbs diet without any temptations. In fact, it so happens that after being disciplined for three days, and allowed to eat whatever they want on the fourth, they actually do not feel like binging anymore. The craving for food is more when the foods are forbidden. Hence, the diet is simple enough to follow and it permits binging, it is kind of an anti-climax thing.

Hence, the body building and fat loss weight training program coupled with the magic diet can really work wonders. The daily discipline that is imposed by the body building training program and diet work after a while becomes a lifestyle. This new lifestyle would promote a new you, a better you, where the fat loss can be turned into muscle mass through rigorous weight training programs and appropriate diet.

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