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How To Choose Between The Best PDA Phones - In 4 Easy Steps

by Alex Dale


If you ever wanted to find yourself a PDA, or wanting to replace a PDA you already own with a better one, it's not the easiest process. That's because of the great variety of pocket pc's that are already the market. There is a great deal of choice available and this makes the actual process a bit hard for people who are not too technically-oriented. Here's a layout of the decision process one should consider following when choosing the best PDA phones.

1st step - decide on what status of pocket pc you want to purchase. When I talk about what status, I mean new, used or rectified PDA. All models can be acquired as used, if you look deeply into a site like And even the best PDA phones break down, thus it is possible to get a rectified PDA that the manufacturer or distributor cannot sell as new. The greatest advantage of getting a used or rectified pocket pc is the significant price reduction that you enjoy. Of course, the disadvantage is that it was used before you got it, and that it possibly suffered from some kind of malfunction. If you choose to get a used or rectified PDA, pay special attention to the warranty you get. The best PDA phones come with a warranty even when they are used.

2nd step - define your needs - sit down for a few minutes and make a list of the thing you need from your pocket pc. An example list would be: send and receive emails, calendar, read and write documents, navigate to new destinations with a GPS system, play multimedia games…and the like. The best PDA phones for your needs will be the ones that answer all or most of your needs. So all you have to do is look at the models available on or a local shop and see which are the best PDA phones when it comes to answering your needs.

3rd step - feel the PDA. It's important you handle the PDA you look at purchasing for at least a few seconds. See if it suits you. Maybe the keyboard is too small. Maybe the screen is too dark…If you can go to an electronics store and handle the PDA you are looking at buying for a while, it will add to your decision making process, as some aspects are not transferable to paper.

4th step - Meeting the reality. If you follow the above process, you should have a short list of the best PDA phones for your purposes. This list will be shortened ever further after you put the price factor into place. After all, we are all after getting the best price for what we want. So, considering the price, you can now make a decision of the pocket pc you want to purchase.

After all, choosing between the best PDA phones is doable in a few days time. Just remember to balance between your desires and true needs, and don't get into buying the flashiest PDA. Buy the one you really need

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