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Inexpensive Salsa Dance Classes In San Francisco

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by Evan Margolin


Dance SF is the top salsa dance school that caters to the needs of aspiring salsa dancers.

Our classes are only $50 for a 4-week dance program taught by experienced salsa dance instructors. IF you are looking for a location near you in the San Francisco Bay Area, check out

Whether you are young or old we have salsa dance classes for everyone! But you shouldn't only use those moves in the dance studio. Why not go out to a local salsa dance club and show off those new moves! It's a great way to improve upon your newly acquired skill but it's also a great way to mingle and meet new people.

While you're at the club, party it up! The best way to improve is to dance with everybody, everywhere, anytime.

You're just starting out? You're not expected to be Fred Astaire! Dance with as many people as you possibly can, and don't be afraid to ask that great dancer that you see in the club for a dance, or for some pointers. When asking people more advanced than yourself, be mindful of Salsa Etiquette for Beginners (which you'll learn in your Dance Class at Even if you have a partner, don't only dance with them! It pays to learn to lead and follow from a variety of people, spread yourself around. You will learn FASTER!

While taking dance classes make sure you at least get out to a salsa dance club at least once a week (preferably more). Not only is it a blast to go out dancing, but in the beginning it can help reinforce those things you learn in class. Nothing is like some real world practice. It also helps you get used to the music which is played in the clubs, which by and large, is faster than what you will find in your typical salsa class! Check out Beginner Friendly Clubs listed on to find places to go out that are better bets for beginner dancers in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Information About The Author

Evan Margolin is the president of DanceSF, the premiere salsa dancing academy in the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn to dance at the studio or in your own home with his Learn to Salsa DVDs. Find out more by visiting

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