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A Glimpse At Candida Albicans
Candida lives in many people mouth and it is not pathologic. But that happens when the fungus is kept under control by the physiologic bacteria from our body including the mouth.

Candida Symptoms by Stages
Candida is a very dangerous bacterium that can cause various symptoms. Those symptoms appear in a specific order. So if we want to discover the illness we must know the symptoms that it causes and the order in witch they appear.

The Danger of Candida Yeast Infection Explained
Candida is a very dangerous yeast infection. Everybody knows about it but very often is underestimated even by some doctors. Why? Maybe because this infection is very "quiet" and its symptoms are vary vague.

Candida Albicans, Rampage Through The Body
Most people heard of Candida but very few know how dangerous it is and how it affect the body.

Avoiding a Candida Prolific Environment, Prevention and Treatment
Pregnancy is a beautiful even a sacred thing. A woman body suffers many changes during pregnancy that helps the mother deliver the baby. But during this period of time vaginal secretions increases and from this various bacteria and fungus can profit.

Fighting Against Candida on a Diet
The candida treatment costs also in a diet treatment. This diet costs in eliminating foodstuffs that contribute to the candida problem. There are various foods that contribute to this medical problem. To identify these foods we must take this diet.

The Good and The Bad of Self-Treatment for Candida
An increased number of yeast cells inside the vagina generate an infection. This condition, although it is not severe nor it has dangerous consequences, is very uncomfortable, because the vagina becomes itchy, painful and irritated. But a persistent yeast infection represents a medical problem.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Candida Connection
75 % of contemporary women are affected by a yeast infection more than once in a lifetime. But people don't usually discuss this type of condition, although it is very common.

What Can We Do To Treat Candida
Candida is a very spread yeast infection mostly known as a female issue. But this is not entirely true because very frequent men can develop such an infection.

Treating The Frequent Candida Yeast Infection
The majority of women with vulvovaginitis – despite the fact that this condition is extremely frequent, don't seek for medical advice. Some cases cure on their own while others use anti fungal self treatments.

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