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Ingredients In Eye Cream

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by Robert Baird


The eyes are one of the most precious organs possessed by the body and also the one which is at greater risk of being harmed or affected as it is located in the external part of the body. One of the reasons which make it more susceptible of being harmed or affected is the fact that the skin adjoining the yes does not contain any oil glands or fat which an act as protection and is merely a thin sheath. Moreover, the present world and its wayward lifestyle has resulted in an increase in stress levels and the worst affected due to stress are the pair of eyes and the skin around the eyes produce dark circles, eye bags and wrinkles as well. It is alarming to note that nowadays as early as the twenties, women have to begin using eye creams to prevent aging and allow healthy growth of the skin surrounding the eyes. Eye creams are considered as extremely helpful supplements and they help considerably in preserving the nutrients to allow natural growth of the skin. This is owing to the fact that the eye creams are made up of certain components which help prevent aging of the skin and at the same time help preserve the skin.
One of the most significant ingredients found in almost all the eye creams is known as Alpha Hydroxy Acid or AHA. The AHA in cooperation with certain antioxidants are extremely beneficial for the skin as they help in the removal of the dead cells from the skin and thus aid the formation of new cells thus rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin around the eyes. Moreover, the AHA is also useful in preventing the damage of collagen which along with elastin is responsible for maintaining the tightness of skin to prevent aging and wrinkle formation. Squalene is known as a significant antioxidant present in most eye creams and it is effective in fighting those components which harm the skin and also prevent infections. A very important cleansing product is seaweed which not only aids in cleansing but at the same time also aids making the skin look younger because of its nutrient properties. Argireline is another ingredient which helps relaxing the facial muscles as tense facial muscles contribute to wrinkle formation considerably. Hyaluronic acid is a component which moisturizes the skin and acts as a lubricant to make the skin look younger. Wrinkle formation is also reduced immensely with the use of evening primrose oil. All these components are present in the premier eye creams.

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