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Match The Right Color Ink Cartridge With Your Printer

by Clive Jenkins


The sophisticated technology of modern time pushed forward the possibilities of the regular printers. If in the beginning of the printers they were used mainly for black and white documents, today we can enjoy the wonderful world of colors by printing anything with performing printers, some of them created especially for colorful documents. The manufacturers provided us with printers that can help us print our photos in our own home and still get the quality of the photos printed at a local photo center.

Especially when you print photos, the color ink cartridge might run out of ink very fast and you need to replace it if you still want to enjoy color printing. It is recommended that you refill your color ink cartridge when it is empty: it is a cheaper alternative than buying a brand new cartridge and you can contribute to the ecological balance in a right way by recycling the color ink cartridge. On the other hand, you might not be as lucky if you have a last generation printer because many of them do not allow refilling the color ink cartridge and you have to purchase a new one.

There are two types of color cartridges that can be used for color printing and they each match a certain type of printer and a certain type of printing heads.

The single three- color cartridge is the oldest type of ink cartridge and you can find it on older printers and some of the new ones too. This color ink cartridge contains three separate rooms for each color: red, yellow and green or other group of colors and it has the size of three individual ink cartridges put together.

The individual color cartridges are very popular nowadays and they are used for printers such as Canon or Epson. Each color ink cartridge contains one specific color and you can purchase only the colors you use the most. Though, you have the choice of buying complete packages with the main colors instead of searching through different stores for a certain color. After you buy the individual color ink cartridge just add it to the right printer head and start printing. The advantage of new printers is that they can actually control each color ink cartridge with an intelligent system when you print.

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