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Recent Mental Health Articles

Nursing Considerations For Peripheral Vascular Disease
If your patient is receiving drug therapy, monitor the effects of the prescribed drugs. Assess the neurovascular status of his legs and report any deterioration in circulation.

Subconscious Mind Power - 3 Vital Steps to Unleash It!
To unleash the hidden power of your subconscious mind, achieve all your goals, and get anything you want, you must take 3 vital steps.

Winning with Assertive Behavior and Body Language
Proper assertive behavior and body language, aside from possessing assertive communication skills, are essential in developing happy relationships and in attaining your goals.

Persuasion Tactics in a Person-to-Person Setting
Persuasion is a necessary skill in communication, especially in person-to-person conversations because it allows not just you to change course, but also allow you to alter another person's mindset.

How To Assert Yourself And Avoid Conflict
Assertiveness allows you to get your point across in a way that is better remembered by the other party through the intensity of the emotion that is associated with it. However, assertiveness also has the potential to destroy relationships and business opportunities if not applied properly.

How to Read the Body Language of Buyers And Sellers
Body language or nonverbal communication is just as important as the words that are being spoken in a conversation, particularly during a sales presentation or conference.

Self-Esteem Booster: Ten Ways To Love Yourself
Self-esteem and confidence are necessary success traits that everyone should possess if they want to stay ahead of the pack and attain unending happiness. Learning to love yourself is the first big step.

How To Be A Strong Negotiator
Powerful negotiation means having strong persuasion skills. We must be able to successfully persuade others to take our side of a certain situation, whether verbally or subliminally.

Conversation Blunders and How to Avoid Them
Conversation blunders and miscommunication can affect your relationships, career, and personal life. Being aware of your conversation style and technique can do wonders to achieve success.

Subliminal Persuasion Techniques
Subliminal persuasion is the way of getting another party to agree with you without outwardly doing so and without the other person noticing that you were trying to persuade him or her.

Mental Health Articles

Understanding Couples Therapy
Marriage counseling, sometimes called couples therapy, is a form of therapy to help couples identify the source of stress in their relationship and to develop a workable solution to deal with that stress. Its purpose is to resolve conflicts and to strengthen relationships.

Walking Is Good For Mental Health
One of the most natural things that an individual does every day is to walk. For years, this single act has been linked to improving cardiovascular health. The reason is because, generally, walking is a safe movement that isn't likely to cause injury.

What is Sleep
Sleep seems to offer a restorative function for the mind and body. Sleep research and sleep research labs are becoming more popular as researchers try and define the various phases of sleep and its affect on the body and mind.

Depression in America.
Depression in America. Is medication the easy way out?

Dealing With Frustration
Are you experiencing frustration in your life? Well, sooner or later, you've got to learn how to deal - and the sooner, the better. You might say that what you're about to read is "just what the doctor ordered."

Additional Mental Health Information

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