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What is a commercial mortgage?
A commercial mortgage is similar in principle to a residential mortgage except it is used to purchase a property or to raise capital for commercial purposes rather than domestic purposes. As with residential mortgages, the lender retains rights to the property until the loan is repaid in full.

It's payback time: remortgage to solve your debt problems
People in the UK owe more money than ever before. As it becomes easier and easier to borrow, whether in the form of credit cards, loans or countless other personal finance options, we are lured deeper and deeper into the debt trap, often to the point where we face an overwhelming financial burden that we have no means of repaying.

Mortgages, loans and refinancing made easy
You can get a loan from a lender if you are not qualified for getting a credit. There are some tips you should take into account and they will help you get the loan you need for a new house, for instance.

Mortgage refinance top tips and ideas
A mortgage refinance actually means applying for a new loan which will replace your present loan. Learn how to make the most out of this and how to make your financial future easier and safer.

Considering the Reverse Mortgage Method?
After (40) years of bump, thump, bang and wang I ran into the Reverse Mortgage. What a great opportunity for us to....

Homeowners Reverse Mortgage Appeal
We've got the new reverse mortgage kid on the block becoming more popular everyday. The growing crowd of senior citizens is putting a whole

Mortgage Rate Shopping
Although it may not be natural for many to haggle with a broker or lender; concessions are many times offered for those who are willing to fully utilize an independent mortgage broker that can shop multiple lenders.

Can't Pay the Mortgage Payments
When you bought your home you had a good job with a steady paycheck. Your spouse also was working. There was no problem in paying the monthly mortgage payments. Now the situation has changed. Your company has downsized and you are unemployed. Your savings has run out and your mortgage payment still has to be paid every month. You have received letters from the mortgage lender regarding the late and missing payments. What should you do?

Cutting your mortgage cost through cheaper insurance
Don't just look at your mortgage rate. Look at your insurance costs too.

Flexible Mortgage Guide
In today's ever-changing world, people need more and more flexibility when it comes to borrowing and mortgages. With this in mind, more and more lenders are offering what they term as 'flexible' mortgages. However, the term 'flexible' can mean a lot of different things.

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Spanish Mortgages - Widen Your Horizons
Ever dreamed of running away to live in the sun? Whereas people used to aspire to a second home in a seaside resort, thousands are now looking further afield to find their dream lifestyle.

UK Mortgages - Need To Know Information
Whatever stage of the mortgage game you're at, unless you happen to be a qualified financial advisor, solicitor and broker all rolled into one, you'll need professional help to find and arrange your loan.

Understanding The Basics of a Mortgage
A mortgage is nothing but a loan secured against the property that is your home, here secured means if you are not prompt with your loan payments, the lender has the rights to sell you home to take back his amount he has lent to you

Forward Mortgage Basics
As the real estate price are booming up for the last five years, homes are selling for 33% higher than the last few years, this has made more difficult for the home buyers to purchase the homes by making huge payment as lump sum. Over these years many mortgage options are available for the homebuyers that reduces the burden of purchasing the home.

No Cost Mortgages
When you are dealing with mortgages, it is important to check twice the calculation as well as the English when the lenders specify the word "No cost Mortgages".

Thinking Of an Endowment Mortgage?
Endowment mortgage is a type of mortgage where you need not pay the principal amount you have borrowed from the lender, during the term of the loan, you would be paying only the interest and as well as the premium for the endowment policy you have taken.

Types of High Risk Mortgage
As the cost of houses continues to increase, fewer people are able to afford them. Many creditors have responded to this situation by creating a new class of mortgages that are quite risky.

Balloon Mortgages Explained
A balloon mortgage is a loan that is provided for a short period of time for a set amount of money. Balloon mortgages will often involve periodic payments that are made at a fixed interest rate. During this period, the loan may not be amortized. The balance of the loan has to be paid in full at a specific time.

Basic Mortgage Terms
If it is your first time applying for a mortgage, there are a number of terms you should know. Educating yourself on the various mortgage terms you will run into will help you make better decisions when deciding which home you want to purchase

First Time Buyers Mortgage Application Checklist
If you have a dream about owning your own home and applying for a mortgage then you may be a bit nervous at the present moment. While having your own home is the American dream, the high prices involved can be overwhelming.

Tips To Avoid Gaining A Bad Credit Rating With Your Mortgage
While having your own home is an important part of your financial picture, too many people make decisions without thinking things over. Making a mistake with your mortgage is a fast way to end up with terrible credit.

Mortgage Mistakes That Can Hurt You
A house is probably one of the most expensive investments you will make in your life. Most homes today start at $150,000 and go up from there.

Borrowing – Your Options Explained
When you approach a lender to ask for a loan, you can expect a certain formula. Mortgages are a particular type of loan – they usually involve larger amounts, are spread over a longer period, and are secured on your house.

Variable Rate Mortgages – Setting The Standard
Here's the first mortgage term you should learn – Standard Variable Rate, or SVR. This is the interest rate you will be paying on the total amount you are borrowing. It is usually expressed as a percentage, and is different from an APR

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