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An Introduction to the Violin
Violins are among the most versatile musical instruments, evidenced by their use in many different musical genres. Some types of music that commonly feature violins are classical music, pop, bluegrass, country, and jazz.

A Look at the Electric Violin
An electric violin is an amplified violin that sends out a signal through an electrical pickup device. There are several different models of electric violins. Some are standard acoustic violins with an electric pickup added to the bridge.

A Closer Look at Violin Sheet Music
Violin sheet music is available for players of all ability levels. Beginners can find instructional pieces to help them master the basics while expert violinists can play transcriptions of long and complicated symphonies. People could even transcribe contemporary pop songs into violin music.

How to Play the Violin
Learning how to play the violin can be a difficult but rewarding experience. Playing the violin takes a large amount of knowledge and skill. Violinists must know how to hold the violin, how to finger the notes, and how to sound the notes.

A Guide to Violin Strings
The type of strings used on a violin has a great effect on the sound of the instrument. Different kinds of strings can have different tones and sound quality. Also, strings made of some materials stay in tune longer and often last longer than others. The three most common types of violin strings are all metal strings, synthetic core strings, and gut strings.

A Brief History of the Violin
The violin has existed in its current form since the 16-th century. The first Violin makers were Italians who were probably influenced by other ancient stringed instruments from around the world.

A Guide to Violin Shops
There are a number of violin shops where people can buy a violin. Many shops sell both new and used violins, giving buyers a number of options. Many violin shops also offer violin rentals.

The Value of Antique Violins
Antique violins are artifacts of the past as well as beautifully made musical instruments. There are a wide variety of antique violins available, some of them one-of-a-kind treasures.

A Guide to Violin Makers
There are countless violin manufacturers around the world. From large scale manufacturers who employ several people with different specialties to make many violins a day to artisans and trained violin makers who painstakingly created their instruments one at a time, there is a wide variety of violin manufacturers to choose from.

How to Repair Your Violin
Violins are fragile instruments that must be treated with care. There are situations where violins may need to be repaired no matter how careful the owner is. When a violin needs to be fixed, it is important to go to a trained professional.

Music Articles

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