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Online Dating Advice: How To Select Your Photos

by Michael Rad


When trying to find a date online, the most important aspect is represented by your image. Your image consists of your description about yourself and, of course, your image also includes your photo. All the details that regard your image must be in perfect "shape", in order to place you on the right way of finding an "Internet romance".
For sure, when you meet a new person (especially a woman), you look in her eyes, you memorize the features of her face, you notice her hair color, general physiognomy and so on. After all this, you can create your impression regarding the woman's attractiveness. So, the main idea is that appearances matter, especially when meeting somebody for the first time. And as online dating is as real as the traditional type of dating, the photo is the one which represents your appearance. This is the main reason why you need to be very careful when you select the photo that you want to display.
If you are interested in online dating, then you must have noticed by now that not all people choose to display a photo of them. Pictures of movie stars, celebrities, animals, or models often replace the image of the members. But the fact is that this is not helpful at all, if wanting to find a date online. As a matter of fact, it is useless. So, if you are trying to hide your image, forget about being successful.
When selecting your picture, you should think about one detail: if everything goes well, you will actually get to meet one of the female members of the sites. So then, think that your picture has to reflect the reality. It has to be flattering, sure, but it has to look like you. So, forget about Photoshop or about other photo editing programs.
There is one thing that makes all people look well: smiling. This means that you should select a photo where you are smiling. Furthermore, smiling is the thing that says about you that you are fun, social and communicative. And these qualities are appreciated by most women out there.
It is better to post more than one photo of yourself. You can choose a close-up photo and others from a longer distance. In any case, you must show both your face and your body figure. Regardless of the way you look, you will seem an open and honest person if you choose to do so.
There is another detail that you shouldn't forget when selecting the photos: they shouldn't be older than one year. Just like it is not a good idea to hide your image, it is not a good idea to hide your age.
All the photos that you select must be clear and of high quality. Make sure that the viewer can identify you clearly from the picture. It might not be such a bad idea to ask some of your female friends about the selected pictures - they will offer you a woman's perspective upon your photo. And this is what you need, right?
Finding romance on the Internet might not be as hard, if you are choosing a flattering and appropriate photo of yourself. So, from now on, you know what to do in order to find a date online! For more dating tips and advice you are welcome to visit or see the links below.

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