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Passport Preparedness 2

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by maxine greco


Beginning January 23, 2007, all persons including US citizens, traveling by air between the US and Canada, Mexico, Central and South American, the Caribbean and Bermuda need a valid passport, air NEXUS card, US Coast Guard Merchant Mariner document or an Alien Registration form 1-551 if applicable. These new travel regulations mean more papers to carry with you. You will still need a driver's license, your boarding pass and return ticket information, baggage claim checks, hotel information, etc. How do you keep all of this information organized and easily available? It's also recommended that you keep a copy of this important information in a separate place, just in case any information is lost, stolen or misplaced.

There are many travel wallets or passport cases on the market today. They are available in canvas or nylon, in dark colors or bright colors. They are also available in all types of leather. Every color in the rainbow is represented in these leather cases. Zippered models will keep everything secure and give you the best feeling of being organized. Everything can be kept in one case, with no chance of accidentally misplacing anything. Smaller cases with pockets that open to accommodate the boarding pass are easiest to tuck in a pocket or small carry bag. Many of the cases also have zippered pockets on the inside. Additionally, many of these travel wallets are designed so that have the boarding pass pocket is on the outside of the case for ease in going through security check points. Experienced travelers have found that keeping organized with your important papers in one place is the best way to insure peace of mind during your trip. In this way you can concentrate on your sightseeing plans and enjoy your travels.

Some of these travel wallets have been designed to wear under your clothing. These are also called money belts or neck pouches. They will hold your passport along with your return ticket information and extra spending cash. They can be worn around the waist, around the neck or shoulder, and around the ankle. Some of them are made to hook onto your own belt, but flip under your clothing. The concealed type of travel wallet is very necessary in areas that have a lot of pick pocketing, or in areas where there are a lot of tourists. They are not easy to detect, and are the safest for travel in busy areas. They come in a large array of fabrics from cotton to nylon with comfort fabrics that go against your skin, to the ultimate luxury of silk for smooth concealing.

There are also some models that are worn on the outside of your clothing like a small purse or handbag. These are strictly used in airports or when boarding cruse ships. They hang around your neck making them easily accessible when going through security checkpoints. These "express boarding cases" are available in leather as well as fabrics. These have zippered pockets, with a place for your passport, your license, and your boarding pass. They are lightweight and are extremely easy to carry. Their design is to be readily accessible, and always handy. Many have a removable strap, and they can later be used as a travel wallet in your purse or pocket after going through security. One thing all of these cases have in common, they organize you and let you concentrate on just enjoying your trip!

Information About The Author

Maxine Greco has worked in the luggage and travel industry for over 35 years. She is currently employed at Village Luggage & Gifts.

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