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Pet Tags: An Overview

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by Alison Cole


When a pet is lost, a pet ID tag is often the only way to find its owner. In the growing US pet market, the demand for pet tags is booming. Annual ID tag sales now surpass $155 million with more than 18 million pet tags sold.

Pet tags include the name of the pet and owner, and the owner's address, phone number, and other relevant information. Artwork and logos may also be included. Pet tags can be designed using different materials, such as aluminum, brass, metal, plastic, and stainless steel, and in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes (small, large and extra large). Tiny pint-size tags are especially designed for kittens, puppies and other small pets. These tags contain name, address and telephone number of pet owner. Each tag comes with a hole and is designed to be hung from a collar.

Creating and designing a pet tag is an art and big business. Durability and legibility of the tag determines whether the lost pet will reach its home or not. Hardware to wear the tag is equally important and should be of good quality. All tags should have an eyelet to put it in collar of the pet. The size of pet should be considered while selecting tags. Lightweight tiny tags are best for small size dogs and kittens. Tiny tags are still large enough to carry four lines of information just like normal-size tags. Pets should not be burdened with more than one tag.

Plastic tags can be chewed by the pet, especially teething puppies. They may be break proof but not chew proof. Quality plastic tags should be preferred. Stainless steel tags do not rust. Engraved text is very clear, legible, and looks good on steel tags. Stamped stainless steel tags may not be as good and readable as engraved ones. But brass tags are not as durable as stainless steel because brass is a soft metal. Even lacquer-coated brass tags do not last long. Vending machines can produce aluminum tags but these machines cannot engrave on stainless steel. Tags of aluminum, which is very soft metal, are inexpensive.

Pet tags are very affordable. Blank tags cost as little as quarter, while a complete pet tag can cost as little as $3.00. In some parts of the world, permanent pet tags are issued at-cost or even free.

Pet tags for dogs are the most popular form of pet tags. Dog pet tags display address and telephone number of the owner. In the case of a lost dog, this means that it easily can be sent back to respective owners. Metal tags worn around a dog's neck in its collar are a good means of identification. Data on pet dog tags may consist of allergy details, artwork, medication, logo, picture, and text. They can be personalized. Tags can be produced in matching colors and desired sizes. Double sided engraving tags may cost as little as $5.00. Many tags have separate lines for name, address, city, pin and so on.

Readily available and easily affordable, pet tags are vital for ensuring that if your pet gets lost, it will have a good chance of being found and returned to you.

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