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Phuket Island Attracts Millions Of Visitors Every Year

by Suwat Munpan


Every year, the island of Phuket attracts millions of visitors, with it's beautiful beaches and scenery. In the past, the island derived much of its wealth from tin production, which began in Phuket over 500 years ago. Patong, across the island from Phuket Town, is the noisy nightlife centre of the island with great beaches and facilities. On the other hand, the area to the south of the island (Phuket City today) was developed and became a tin trading center.

But Phuket is much more than just a holiday island. We will hand-hold you through finding that dream property on beautiful Phuket island, and through the entire Thailand real estate buying process. Mainstream media also failed to explain enough that much of the damage on the island was distant from Phuket's main beaches. Our new Phuket edition is free to the public and available at an increasing number of distribution points throughout the island. Buses are also available to Phuket town and all major holiday destinations and beaches on the island.

The airport on Phuket island is a well-equipped little airport, the staff is friendly and immigration officers are very efficient and work fast. Half of those killed were foreign tourists visiting the island of Phuket and surrounding resort areas. Thailand%u2019s largest island, Phuket is incredibly diverse, with rocky and sandy beaches, tall cliffs, forests, waterfalls and temples. Boats can be chartered to go to some small island south of Phuket. See the Phuket beaches page for an overall map to the main beaches and towns of the island.

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