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Preparing Your Car For Warm Weather Driving

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by Aurel Radulescu


Now that the warm weather has finally arrived, everyone will be anxious to take road trips, scenic drives and just cruise around in the warmth glow of the sun. With that being said, if you fail to prepare your car for the warm weather, you may end up foregoing your nice summer drive for a day filled with car repairs. The best way to avoid this is to get your car ready for driving in warm weather and to help you do that, this article is geared toward providing you with tips to make sure that your summer is one filled with sunny days.

Before you head out of the driveway, take a quick glance around. Everyone thinks to look under the hood for potential car problems, but not everyone thinks to check the surrounding area. If you see oil where you have parked your car, you may have a problem and will want to have your car checked by a professional before taking it out for a drive.

Be sure to check all of your car's fluid levels. This includes the engine, transmission, cooling system, power steering, brake fluid and washer fluid. When it is time to replace them, be sure to purchase high-quality fluids to help improve the performance and dependability of each function. In addition, regularly changing old fluids will go along way in helping your car to remain weather friendly.

While driving, make sure to watch your temperature gauges so that you will know if your car begins to overheat. This is one of the most common causes of preventable breakdowns during the warm summer months because it is especially easy for a car to overheat during this time. Replace your antifreeze if it's more than several years old and have a mechanic to inspect your car if the problem continues.

Upgrading your oil to a high-performance synthetic motor oil may help to improve your car's overall health, so don't cut any costs when it comes to buying oil for your car.

Make sure that your belts and hoses are inspected after adding fluids. A problematic belt may cause the engine to overheat. A hose may need to be replaced if it has any cracks or corrosion. Always keep an eye out for blistered, hard or spongy hoses and have them replaced immediately.

Always clean battery terminals, hinges and latches. In addition, keep your tires properly inflated by checking the air pressure each time you buy gasoline.

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