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Private Schools For The Spread Of Education

by Robert Baird


Schools are primarily centers of learning. They are educational institutions which have the indomitable task of nurturing the students psychologically and socially and also impart knowledge among them ensuring their holistic development. Therefore, the teachers play the most significant role in the educational institutions. The primary level of education begins from the school and therefore the schools play a fundamental role in developing the student's personality and laying the foundations of his future. In this case, it is necessary to point out that there are certain schools which are set up by the government especially to facilitate the spread of education. These are government schools and they usually conform to certain valid codes set down by the ruling government. However, there are several private organizations which also invest in setting up schools for the same purpose of spreading education. Such schools are commonly referred to as private schools.
The private schools are mostly run from the funds accumulated from the tuition fees collected from the body of students. It is necessary to note that in case of government schools, the provincial or national governments may have a role to play in the selection of the student body and also in the election of its teachers and are funded totally by the resources of the state or the nation. Much on the contrary, in private schools there is no such interference from the government in matters of recruiting students or teachers and no aid is received in the form of grants from the state. It is to be noted that the term private school has been restricted fro usage only in relation to primary and secondary level educational institutions and are under normal circumstances not used for higher educational institutions in several countries of the world.
One of the striking features of most private schools are its mammoth tuition fees. Most of the private schools that function in the world often ask for very high tuition fees and these include boarding schools as well. The location of the school, donations and several other factors are responsible for the rising tuition fees. The private schools on their part justify this rise in the form of promising the best qualified teachers, better resources for learning and enriched library facilities, healthy interaction between the teachers and students and individual care meted out to them etc. Some private schools may also be affiliated to religious concerns and thus include the study of religious codes and norms along with academics.

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