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Are You Considering A Vasectomy?
A vasectomy is one of the most efficient forms of birth control. However, it is not the right choice for everyone. If you're considering a vasectomy, we try to help you find out if a vasectomy is right for you.

Is A Vasectomy Reversal The Solution For You?
There are many men who have previously undergone a vasectomy, only to regret their decision later on. Well, the good news is that vasectomy reversal as come a long way thanks to modern microsurgical procedures. We take a look at the reverse vasectomy and see what your chances for a successful operation are.

Can You Afford A Vasectomy?
Have you been thinking about a vasectomy? If so, your probably concerned about what costs you may have to face. We give you some ideas on how much your vasectomy is going to cost you.

Can Pregnancy Occur Even After You Have Had A Vasectomy?
If your planning or have had a vasectomy then you may be wondering what are the chances for pregnancy afterwards. We take a look at why pregnancies occur after a vasectomy.

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