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The Most Frequent Species Of Turtles In The Spotlight
Turtles belong to the class of reptiles; what makes the difference from others is the shell, absent in other reptiles. The external shell is known as the carapace, while the interior is known as the plastron.

How To Take Care Of Your Horsfield Turtle
The most frequent species of turtles chosen as pets are horsfields and Russian tortoises. They are very little (about 15 cm in length) and are ideal for the English people because the temperature in U.K. favors them and their need to hibernate in winter.

Understand The Low Appetite Of Your Pet Turtle
In case your little turtle is ill, it is very important for its water to be very clean, for its food to be appropriate and carefully chosen and for the temperature to be sufficiently high. The absence of any of these factors causes your pet to get sick.

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