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A Guide to Snack Vending Machines
Snack vending machines come in a number of different formats and styles. Most snack machines are see-through or glass-front merchandisers. This is because the customer likes to see what he or she is getting, and likes to be able to browse.

A Look at Coffee Vending Machines
Coffee vending machines are a way to provide people who like their coffee with an option to keep caffeinated all day. These machines take money, allow for customized selections (such as cream, sugar, and special flavors), dispense a paper or cardboard cup, and pour the liquid into the cup.

A Guide to Gumball Vending Machines
Gumball vending machines are among the oldest surviving types of vending machines. The first gumball machines were penny machines. You can still get those antiques, although they are more for novelty use than a way for you to make a profit.

A Look at DVD Vending Machines
DVD vending machines are just one of the many types of unusual vending machines making their way over from Japan. In Japan, many products are available from vending machines.

Finding Vending Machines For Sale
If you want to invest in a vending machine, there are a number of reputable suppliers to choose from.

Vending Machines: An Overview
Vending machines present a relatively dependable means of making money. You can buy, place, install, maintain, and then reap the benefits of owning a vending machine as a side project, or you can quit your day job and just work with the vending machines full time.

Owning a Vending Machine Business
The first thing to consider when starting your own vending machine business is that it is not for slackers. It takes work. Just because you are going into business for yourself, will have no boss to deal with, and pretty much determine your own plans, that doesn't mean the vending machine business is easy money.

A Guide to Candy Vending Machines
Candy vending machines are one of the most popular types of automatic merchandisers. Some examples of candy include Skittles, Snickers, and M&Ms.

A Look at Soda Vending Machines
Soda vending machines come in a number of sizes. You can get soda vending machines in a system that holds just four or six selections, or you can get machines that dispense dozens upon dozens of cans. Choose a smaller size if you're looking to save money or space.

An Introduction to Store Fixtures
Once you've decided what it is your store is offering to the general public, the next step you'll take is finding the right location. Once you've found it, the next step is to decide how to dress up your establishment; you'll need to decide what retail store fixtures will properly display your product.

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