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Save Big Bucks On Your Holiday Shopping

by Adam Heist


This coming holiday season is expected to be a good one for retailers with terrific sales and widespread deals available for savvy shoppers. With gasoline prices remaining quite high, home sales dropping, and consumer sentiment declining, businesses understand that they must keep prices low in order to sell goods. Keep reading and we'll take an early look at some of the types of sales sure to beckon price wise consumers this holiday season.

Early Bird/Late Night Bargains - Weeks before the Thanksgiving holiday, many merchants will already be opening their stores early or keeping them open late to be of service to shoppers. Special early bird enticements to be on the lookout for include: Get ten percent back on choice purchases over a certain amount of money spent, such as fifty dollars. Depending on the nature of the deal, you will be able to get your savings right away or receive a store credit toward upcoming purchases. Alternative offers are sure to include: incremental rewards, i.e. twenty dollars off of purchases of one hundred dollars, etc.

Friends and Family Sales - One important retailer, known for their famous Thanksgiving Day parade, typically offers their associates a way in which they can share their employee discount with friends and family members. In offering the same discounts that associates receive, the employee will mail to family members and friends a discount card permitting the shopper to receive the same special offer as the store associate. One prime example of this point is if the associate gets a twenty five percent discount, the friend or family member will receive a card permitting them to get that discount too, for a limited time, such as for three days. Oftentimes these savings may be applied along with sale prices for truly marvelous savings.

Secret In-Store Sales. All right, they really are not a secret at all. Nevertheless, if you possess a certain charge card belonging to another famous retailer, you will receive an invitation to an exclusive cardholders-only shopping occasion. More often than not this occasion corresponds with an ongoing sale thereby permitting guests the chance to shop a few hours prior to the time that the store opens for business that day. You receive an exclusive and private shopping time and get at least ten percent off of already discounted prices, plus the chance to put off paying for purchases until well into January if you use the store's card.

Of course, not every merchant come-on is of much value, particularly if you cannot pay off your card purchases right away. A high interest rate, let's say 19.8%, can quickly devour any savings you secure. Therefore, buy carefully in order to enjoy the best advantage of the seasonal offer presented to you.

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