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Graceful Drawing & Engineering Surveying
One of the few repair centers of survey instruments is 'Graceful Drawing & surveying'. This repair center deals in almost all kinds of survey instruments, for purchase of survey instruments, repairs and also updating in the hardware of the instrument. Having state of the art equipments to quickly diagnose and repair instruments and skillful and experienced working staff to give 100% quality service to not to let down customers' immediate demands rental rates.

Intercultural Communication and Globalization
Today's governments, organisations and companies are dealing more and more in a global scenario. We are no longer constrained by borders or distance and as a result globalization has meant a fundamental change in who, where and why we do business.

Just How Important Is Your Cell Phone To You?
We take a look at the rise of the cell phone! The role they play in today's society and our lives and what benefits we get from owning one.

North Cyprus Sites - A Living Time Tunnel
Walk through 7000 years, from the Stone Age, through the Bronze Age when Cyprus supplied copper to the Mediterranean world; into Classical times as Assyria, Persia, Greece, Egypt, and then Rome claimed Cyprus; past the era of Byzantine, Crusader, and Ottoman rule into today.

The Benefits of Digital Scales
There are many digital scales that are accurate to help you weigh in perfectly. Most other scales only use only one load sensor with a mechanical leveler. It's easy to use a digital scale to weigh yourself, and the results are even easier to read.

A Guide to Baby Scales
When baby arrives early or has medical problems, health care providers turn to the Medela Baby Weigh Scale for measuring breast milk intake. The baby is weighed before and after breastfeeding, and with a touch of a button, the Baby Weight Scale calculates the baby's intake.

Monitoring Your Pet's Weight
It is important to monitor your pet's weight, especially since many of us see our pets day to day and don't notice weight changes unless they are drastic. Using pet scales is the best way to monitor your pet's health, and there are a variety of pet scales on the market.

The Growing Market for Scales
Although many people prefer not to step on them, there is still a large market out there for scales to monitor weight. From the medical scales at the doctor's office, to the digital scale in your bathroom, there are a wide variety of weight scales available.

A Look at Body Fat Scales
Today's scales do more than read a person's body weight. They can measure the amount of fat on one's body. There are specific body fat scales that do just that, and they're becoming a growing trend in the fitness and weight management industries.

How Electron Microscopes Work
Electron microscopes are among the most powerful magnifying tools on the planet. They use beams of electrons rather than conventional light to illuminate objects. The two main types of electron microscopes are transmission electron microscopes and scanning electron microscopes.

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