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Security Is Tight Pack It Right

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by maxine greco


Security is tighter than ever right now. It is imperative that you pack intelligently and carefully. Carry on bags can no longer have any liquids, powders, aerosols or creams. Liquid cleaners for contact lenses must also be packed in your regular baggage. Only the contact lens case with a few drops of liquid may be carried on to the plane. Prescription medicine or items needed during the trip may be also carried on along with 4 oz. of a non-prescription medication needed during the trip. All cosmetic items including toothpaste will now need to be packed in your regular baggage. The only cosmetic that you can have in your carryon bag is one hard tube of lipstick. Aftershave lotions or perfumes can no longer be packed in your carryon and must be packed in your baggage. To insure that these items do not open in the non-pressurized baggage area, you'll need to think ahead. Using zip lock bags is a must. To be sure there is no leakage, you'll also need to put the zip lock bag in a plastic zippered pouch or cosmetic purse that closes. Because cabins are non-pressurized, using only a zip lock bag will not always insure that your clothes stay dry. Cosmetic cases are available in many sizes and there is a large selection available to choose from.

Additionally, packing neatly is a must because bags may be routinely searched. Packing cubes for underwear, socks and pajamas will make security procedures go more smoothly. Your clothes will not be too disrupted when your luggage is searched if they are in individual packing cubes. Also remember that cosmetics will tend to make your bag heavier. Providing you are not committed to a particular brand, you can always use the shampoo and mouthwash supplied by the better hotels. Try to purchase all of your cosmetics and liquids in small travel sizes, or transfer them to travel sized bottles.

There are new weight restrictions on the luggage you take on your trip. Because so many of your cosmetic items must be packed, you may have to purchase lighter weight luggage, or pack smaller sized bags. Be sure to check with the airline before you begin to pack. Packing less will be a big help, both for the airlines and for you. If you don't wish to use the hotel laundry service, there is woolite detergent available in small sealed packages so you can wash out clothes in the bathroom sink. Try to coordinate your clothing, so that you wear clothes more than once. For the ladies, there are reversible travel jackets available that never wrinkle and can be worn as two separate colors.

Your carryon baggage should also be packed neatly and orderly. There are several security points and your carry on may be opened and searched more than once. If it's difficult for you to close, it will be time consuming to repack each time. Packing cubes come in real handy in this instance again. At the present time, there is no carry on baggage permitted flying to or from the UK. You can bring only your wallet, passport, credit cards, tissues and travel information. You may also carry prescription medication necessary for the flight, your glasses or contact lens case, and female sanitary items to be used on the flight. It is best to carry these items in a clear type of case. It's also a good idea to have the prescription medicine in the original container with a doctor's note.

Traveling with a baby or small children will encounter different restrictions. Check with the airline you are using prior to the trip so you'll have the latest up-to-date instructions. Be sure the only locks on your baggage are TSA approved. Increased security measures make travel safer for us all. With some intelligent planning, packing right is easy.

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Maxine Greco has been in the luggage and travel business for over 35 years. She currently works at Village Luggage and Gifts.

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