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Short Term Weight Loss Supplements

by Robert Baird


With obesity on a phenomenal rise, innumerable weight loss products are available in the market all promising to cause effective weight loss. However, it is also true that while the percentage of obese population has been increasing steadily, awareness has also grown considerably and therefore more and more people today are concerned about losing weight. It is necessary to keep in mind that losing weight is not a process which can bring results overnight. Weight loss requires conforming to a strict balanced diet and maintaining of a regular exercising regimen. But in the contemporary world, increased competition and rising stress levels in professional life does not leave an individual with enough time to invest on physical fitness and dieting. This is why most people resort to the intake of various short term weight loss supplements which not only ensure swift weight loss but also guarantee that the results will be immediate though only for a stipulated period of time.
One of these short term weight loss products include Bontril which aids in causing weight loss by reducing appetite and this is done by exercising control over the central nervous system and its dominant organs like the brain nerves along with increasing the blood pressure and heart rate. Phentermine is another supplement which aids in causing weight loss in a similar manner but it has some demerits as well. The use of phentermine is considered to become addictive and under such conditions sudden stoppage in the intake of this drug can result in having adverse effects on the body. Tenuate is another short term weight loss product and its main component is ephedrine or Ma Huang and while it had been considered as effective in causing weight loss, extensive research has brought into light that its usage is detrimental to health and only recently the Food and Drugs Administration or the US FDA has banned tit from being used. Didrex is a variant of amphetamine and used for attaining short term weight loss. it functions similar to the other short term weight loss supplements by increasing the heart rate and suppressing appetite. Ionamin is another variant of the phentermine which is absolutely addictive and harmful for use like phentermine. It is interesting to note that all of these short term weight loss supplements have innumerable side effects like insomnia., blurred vision, dizziness etc and therefore it can be suggested one rather not waste one's energy on these products by risking one's health.

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The bacteria that live in your GI tract are one of the most overlooked and vaguely understood components of both weight loss and longevity.

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