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Stop! Before You Shop Online

by Wycliffe Williams


Shopping online allows you to shop all over the world for products and services. It's hard to believe that this is done with the click of a computer mouse, but such is the world we currently live in.
Without doubt, shopping online is a mind-boggling experience, especially in light of the daily advances made in computer technology. However, piggy-backing hard on the heels of the positive strides, is the negative.

I have lived long enough to know this, if ever you're fortunate enough to find one honest person, there are at least ten dishonest people lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce.

I don't wish to devote anymore space to the evil people of this world. My kudos goes out to the Creative Computer People who fight to keep the evil out of the World Wide Web.

The World Wide Web has expanded the tentacles of the International Marketplace in a way never before thought possible. In the confines of their private sleeping chambers, consumers have virtually unlimited access to shop online.

Naturally enough legitimate questions have arisen. Questions such as:

 Are the prices in U.S. dollars or some other currency?

 Does the company ship internationally?

 Will unexpected taxes or duties be added to the price?

 How long will it take for an order to be delivered if there's a problem?

 How can you get the problem resolved?

Don't just buy what you see. That's what many are expecting you to do. Take your time. Do some research on the company you are making the purchase from? Legitimate companies have nothing to hide.

One thing the internet affords in a big way is anonymity. Unscrupulous people use the internet as a playground for their operations.

Do you realize that whole countries are sullied by the shenanigans of their less than honest citizens? Where is the country located that you desire to purchase this product or service from?

Didn't think it mattered? Trust me, it does.

Has the company aligned itself with a reputable merchant that you trust? This is important.

Do you have telephone numbers, email addresses, fax numbers? If there is any way that you can contact them before you make the purchase, try your best to contact them. It will save you numerous headaches later on down the line.

Let me say this; take your time when spending your hard-earned money on the internet. It goes out very easily, but comes back like a lumbering elephant, slowly. And for the unfortunate, as big as that elephant is, it never finds its way back home.

Be careful, move slowly, you have lived this long without the product or service, one more day of investigation will not deprive you of anything.

Check out the FAQ Section. This is always a helpful area depending on your purchase. If there is no FAQ Section and in your heart of hearts you believe there should be one, put your brakes on. You were gifted with intuition for a reason. Now is the time to put that gift to good use.

This article only scratches the surface for careful shopping online. There is so much more to consider. However, this article does give you a measured first step. Happy Shopping.

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