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Swimming For Weight Loss

by Robert Baird


There are various forms of aerobic exercises which are considered to be beneficial in causing weight loss. In fact not only are the beneficial in resulting in weight loss but at the same time they help to preserve this weight loss for a long period of time and are also very significant in providing strength and stamina to the body. The term 'aerobic' means 'with oxygen' and aerobic exercises are mainly concerned with the process of energy generation within the muscles of the body which is done with the usage of oxygen. It has been proved beyond doubt that aerobic exercises if adopted on a long term basis are extremely useful in facilitating weight loss. During aerobic exercising it is possible to lose weight as the glycogen within the body is broken down into glucose and in its absence the metabolism of fats is facilitated leading to weight loss. Swimming is a form of aerobic exercise and it is not only a wonderful sporting activity during the summer months but at the same time it is equally beneficial in aiding weight loss. Swimming aids in preserving a well toned body and while it is a good way to beat the heat during the scorching summer months, it is also to be mentioned here that the effects of swimming provide a dual purpose. The act of swimming provides the benefits obtained form weight training and strength training as well the cardio benefits that can be obtained form running. Therefore it goes to prove how efficiently swimming can aid in losing weight. There are various other ways by which swimming can facilitate weight loss. It is known that obesity is detrimental to health and makes one susceptible to heart ailments, diabetes and cancer. Swimming greatly aids in the proper functioning of the lungs and the heart. Since most individuals enjoy this form of water sports they are more often unaware of the fact that swimming is a rigorous form of exercise and increases an individual's workout level considerably. This in its turn therefore initiates weight loss. Moreover, swimming also aids in increasing the flexibility of the joints.

Swimming offers a plethora of benefits to obese people. It is known that an individual's weight in water is about 1/10 th of his actual weight as measured on land. Therefore for obese individuals who find it difficult to carry out physical exercises on land, swimming is a more viable option as it makes it easier for them to carry their body weight and at the same time aids weight loss.

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Many weight loss diets fail from lack of discipline.

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