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by maxine greco


Anyone traveling today notices one thing in particular: there are a lot of black suitcases out there! Luggage is available in a variety of colors; however, most people choose black because luggage gets stains and marks during baggage handling. Black luggage simply looks newer longer and is therefore, everyone's first choice. Travelers naturally gravitate to the dark color because they feel it will not look dirty on their next trip.

But how do you identify that black case as being yours? The most practical way is to have the case monogrammed. This is a permanent solution showing your initials or name. It is unlikely that someone else can walk away with your bags and claim the same monogram. Monogramming also cannot be removed easily, so it is difficult for a thief to dispose of your luggage with initials on it. Monograms are the most personal form of identification.

Another way to identify your luggage is bright colored luggage tags showing your name and address. These tags are available in just about every color and combination you can imagine. Since the luggage today has two handles, it is important to put the tag on each handle. Whatever angle it comes down the baggage carousel, a tag can be seen from the handle. Since tags have your address inside, it is also a way for the airline or cruise line or bus company to locate or notify the owner if it is misplaced. Some of the larger tags have room for you to put your whole travel itinery inside. If you are going to be sightseeing and moving around a lot, this is a way for any misdirected luggage to be able to locate you.

There are also bright colored handle wraps available. This changes the handle on your black to another color or print. Once again, it's a good idea to use two on every case, covering both handles. Some of these wraps have a place to put your name and address inside.

Bright colored luggage straps that go around your case through the handle are another solution to identifying your luggage. These can be closed with a buckle or a lock. They are also a good idea if you tend to overstuff your luggage. If you are choosing the locking variety, it has to be a TSA lock for airline travel. This is the only lock they allow, since the baggage handlers can open it with a master key if they have any need to get into your luggage. All locks are available in bright colors and are another way to add color to your black case and give it individuality, but these must also be TSA locks if you're using them for airline travel. TSA locks will also keep overstuffed luggage closed during the many steps it will go through with today's increased security. There is a master key, that only security personnel have, if the need to open your luggage arises.

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Maxine Greco has been in the travel and luggage industry for over 35 years. She is currently working at .

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