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Good Things To Know About Sleeping Bags
One of the best things to remember from the trips in the country is the experience of spending the night under the stars. One of your most important companions in these nights is the sleeping bag, the friend that never leaves your side, whereever you go.

Swimming with Dolphins in California
California's Central Coast is home to a variety of marine life including several types of dolphins.

Swimming with Dolphins in Malta
There is only one facility in Malta that offers swimming with dolphins. This is by the Mediterraneo Marine Park. The activity involves only captive dolphins, and there have been protests from environmental groups the world over against the park.

Swimming with Dolphins in Key Largo
Key Largo, known as the diving capital of the world, is located only an hour and a half from Miami International airport. Key Largo is the first in the Florida Keys chain and a perfect get-a-way for an extended vacation or day trip from Miami.

Swimming with Dolphins in the Bahamas
Several sites in the Bahamas offer swim-with-dolphins experiences at reasonable cost and for varying swimming abilities.

Swimming with Dolphins in Cancun
Cancun is one of the few places in the world where you can get a wide variety of swim-with-dolphin options at some of the most spectacular settings on earth.

Swimming with Dolphins in Hawaii
Hawaii is a special place to swim with dolphins in the wild. The most common dolphins to swim with are the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin or Spotted Dolphins. Hawaii is home to about 700-1000 Spinner Dolphins.

Swimming with Dolphins in Florida
If you want to swim with bottlenose and spotted dolphins, both trained and wild, the Florida coast is an ideal destination. Bottlenose and spotted dolphins are the most gentle and intelligent mammals next to humans and even more when you meet them.

Tourism in Tanzania Helping In the Community
Stambuli grew up on the streets of Arusha in northern Tanzania. From the age of eight he smoked marijuana and drank home brewed alcohol. To survive he became a thief, stealing papaya from neighbours trees when he was hungry

The Selous Game Reserve: the Birds
The Selous is known for its vast size and huge numbers of big game; however, as in common with much of Tanzania, the Selous Game Reserve enjoys a prolific bird life. Without doubt the mighty Rufiji River is responsible for the huge variety of birds drawn to this area. This huge river with its ever changing pattern of sandbanks, oxbow lakes, lagoons, islands and channels is a magnet for many animals and especially the birds.

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