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Travel Tips For European Vacations For Senior Citizens

by Michael Rad


Wherever you might be going, there are some constant features you should think about because they would help you to have a good time and solve unwanted burdens. These features concern your luggage, accommodation, electronic devices, season, and seniors' discounts.

Prefer a backpack on wheels instead of a suitcase, you could pull it behind you when your back hurts or you are exhausted. Don't overweight your luggage. It is enough to take two or three blouses or shirts (depending on the season), two pairs of lightweight trousers, comfortable walking shoes, three changes of underwear, three pairs of socks (long stockings when the weather is cold on that time of the year) and these all should be enough for your luggage. Consider checking your bag in with the airlines, because it would become an unnecessary burden to be dragged all over the airport or the city if you are going to have a short visit. In case you will go to visit those places, ask the airline attendant to arrange transport to make sure you will be in time for your flight.

The accommodation could create other problems, the stairs, for example. You should take them into account when you make the arrangements in advance. You could tell from the very beginning that you would prefer a ground floor room. You could stay outside the city, in a hostel maybe, because it is cheaper, less crowded and the air is much fresher, but you have to walk or use the transport more, to get in the city or to the station. However you put the problem here, there are always advantages and disadvantages in your balance. You have to ask yourself what weights more in the balance.

The season you are travelling in must agree with your mood. In late spring and early autumn Europe is less full of tourists, neither too hot, nor too cold. You could have an Easter European travel in Holland, for instance, to see the tulips in full bloom on the fields or you can visit the Keukenhoff Gardens to see the rainbow of blooming. Most museums, some concert halls, railways, airlines, bus lines, ferry and shipping lines have a discount policy for seniors. You should ask them wherever you go, and you will find out that you can save some money. In UK the discount, called concession is not just a concession, it is quite generous. Actually there are even a few places, quite rare, but they exist and you can have a free access to what they offer.

Electronic devices are useful but sometimes they can give you a lot of headaches. You could help yourself with a micro-tape recorder to record your notes. It would be easier than to write and you would put them down on paper later, to share your notes with your family. If you bring a camera with you to keep the beautiful images alive along the time then make sure you know how to handle it or you might fail to record them not only on that camera but also in your eyes. You will be so concerned to make that terrible thing function that you would pass from one place to another only with your eyes down. If you make sure to remember to do all these, then the rest would be just to enjoy yourself.

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