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Understanding The Difference Between Weight Loss And Body Fat Loss

by John Ugoshowa


There is a big difference between the matter of weight loss and body fat loss, and so if you are anyone who is concerned about health then you will want to understand the difference so that you can be aware of what you should and should not do.

Understanding Body Fat Loss and Your Body Fat Percentage

Before you can understand what body fat loss really is you need to understand what your body fat percentage is; first of all, your body fat percentage is simply the percentage of fat that your body contains, and so for example, if you weigh 150 pounds and 10% body fat, then it basically means that your body consists of 15 pounds of fat and 135 pounds of lean body mass, and that includes bone, muscle, organ tissue, blood, and everything else in this regards.

It is important to understand that a certain amount of fat is truly essential in order for your body to function properly, as fat regulates the body in many different regards, for instance it regulates your body temperature, cushions and insulates the organs and tissues, and is also the main form of the body's energy storage.

Body Fat Loss

If you are looking to attain body fat loss, then there are several things in particular that you are going to have to take into consideration. For instance, you may want to get into an exercise activity such as bodybuilding - this does not mean that you have to get huge, just to the size that you wish - but this is because with bodybuilding workouts you are targeting your body fat and this is thus where you will lose weight and gain muscle.

Bodybuilding is basically an activity which operates according to scientific principles, and thus science and mathematics is basically the base for this activity; accordingly, in the construction of a diet plan, mathematics and numbers are key, and hence in order to construct a proper diet plan, there are several variables which need to be mathematically determined.


The variables that absolutely must be included are that of the following: body mass, current age, basal metabolic rate, caloric and macronutrient intake, and current body fat percentage.

Thus, if you take all of these and possibly more variables into consideration, then you will be able to come to a conclusion as to how much weight you should lose if any, from where on the body, and what the best way would be for you to do it.

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