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University â€" High Education Centers

by Robert Baird


The earliest relics of the first universities that the world ever saw have been found in different parts of the Indian subcontinent and in Persia. In fact the term ‘university' is usually used to denote the centers of higher education in these areas where these institutes of higher education are believed to have existed since several centuries before the birth of Christ. The term university designates a ‘community of scholars and teachers' and this meaning stems form the Latin universitus magistrorum et scholarium. The universities are engaged in providing undergraduate or bachelors and postgraduate or masters educational programs. Post the attaining of post graduate degrees, the suitable candidates who qualify fir undertaking a research or doctoral level study are also ably supported in their endeavor. The various universities possess different faculties like those of arts, science, engineering, medical studies etc. and are responsible for looking after the development of scholastic skills amidst the students. Unlike school life which concentrates more on discipline and conduct, the life in a university is much more relaxed and full of freedom as university students are adults and therefore have ether own free will, thought and expression.

There are various ancient universities which have been set up in times of antiquity and most of these relics display exquisite architectural skills. The oldest degree granting university in the world is located in morocco and is known as University of Al Karaouine which was set up in 854. the Egyptian university known as Al Azhar is considered to be the first ever complete university. In the different parts of the European continent, are present some of the ancient universities of the world which include University of Preslav, University of Magnaura and University of Oxford and University of Paris which were both set up around the 11 th century and are functioning even today emerging as one of the foremost universities of the world famous for their extensive educational programs. In Asia, the earliest specimens of university education is to be noticed in Persia and India and these early centers of education were extremely well known for the enriched quality of educational knowledge that was imparted to its students. In china, the Hanlin Academy established sometime between the 7 th to the10th century is also equally famous. By the 19th century the various universities worldwide published their own journals. And unlike earlier, when science was given more importance than the pother subjects of study, nowadays the other disciplines are also respected with equal enthusiasm in universities.

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