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Unusual Specialist Insurance Explained

by Peter Kenny


Although most people are familiar with regular types of insurance like life insurance and home insurance, there is an increasing demand for more unusual types of insurance. Basically, anything that you might feel is a risk can be insured against. Here are some examples of insurance types that you might not have considered before:

Reasons for an increase in unusual policies

Unusual insurance policies are becoming more common for a number of reasons. Firstly, people are more informed about what they are at risk from, and so want to protect themselves accordingly. Secondly, the increase in lawsuit culture has increased the need for types of insurance. People are being sued for more and more reasons, and so the level of cover they need is increasing both in value and in scope. Also, the rise in unusual insurance policies amongst the rich and famous is leading everyday people to follow suit.

Pet insurance

One type of insurance that has moved from unusual to fairly common is pet insurance. Many people love their animals as if they were a member of their family, and with vet's bills being so high it does make sense to insure your pet. Pet insurance usually covers vet bills as well as liability and compensation should the animal die. There are now dozens of dedicated pet insurers to choose from, with cover for dogs starting from around £5 per month.

Star employee insurance

A number of companies are beginning to see the importance of their top employees, and are taking policies out to cover them against loss should anything happen to these key members of staff. Whether you are a sales company with a great salesman or a club owner with a great singer, then you could lose earnings should anything happen to your star employee. Taking out a policy to cover you against a drop in earnings might be a good idea.

Body part insurance

Some of the most unusual insurance policies that are in demand are for the insurance of particular body parts. With celebrities like David Beckham and Jennifer Lopez insuring their prize 'assets', other professions are following suit. Many chefs, athletes and musicians are getting their hands or feet insured in case they are damaged. Although this might seem a little vain, it can in fact be very sensible. If using your hands for playing an instrument is how you make your living and you severely injure yourself, then you might need significant compensation to stop yourself getting into financial difficulty.

Antique insurance

Perhaps the most frequently used unusual insurance policy is the insurance of specific art pieces or antiques. Regular contents insurance is unlikely to cover you for such items, and you may be better taking out a specific policy that covers against more regular loss or theft. If something is irreplaceable and gets damaged you will want a policy that will cover you for the costly restoration of that item. Whatever type of unusual insurance you get, remember to ask yourself if you really need it, and to shop around to get the best deal. Although these policies are not advertised, many insurers might be able to help you with your specific requirements.

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