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Vitamin C And Weight Loss

by Robert Baird


For long it has been known that the various vitamins and mineral resources are extremely beneficial for the body and not only do they help in enriching the making the body healthier they are also equally responsible in fighting against the attacks of diseases and ailments. It has been examined by scientists that vitamin C is extremely beneficial for the human body and it is usually advised by various medical practitioners that all individuals should take a diet which comprises of sufficient proportions of vitamin C. many fruits and vegetables are prevalent sources of vitamin C and it is even regarded by many scientists that vitamin C is very useful in acting as a tool to ward off a fatal disease like cancer. In the recent past, a spectacular research by various scholars of the Arizona state university has brought to the forefront the fact that it is possible to facilitate weight loss considerably with increased consumption of vitamin C. the various nutrition scientists who were involved in this project have revealed that there is a direct correlation between the presence of vitamin C in the blood stream and the capability of the body to burn the fat resources as a form of energy. This is because the presence of vitamin C plays a role in the process of fat oxidation which has a considerable role to play in the process of attaining weight loss.

Vitamin C is abundantly found in citrus fruits and the researchers have gathered data which goes to prove that individuals consuming sufficient amounts of vitamin C in their diet allow more fat oxidation by about 30% more than compared to those individuals who have inadequate proportions of vitamin C. it is to be pointed out here that the results of this research served as an eye opener to various individuals in the united states of America itself as about 15% of the population suffers from vitamin C deficiency and it is even more alarming to note that this figure has increased considerably in the last few years. One of the reasons that facilitate the loss of body weight with the aid of vitamin C can be related to the process of the formation of a minute molecular substance known as carnitine. This carnitine is considered to be an effective component of the fat oxidation and with a suitable decrease in the production of carnitine can lead to the unnecessary accumulation of fat in the tissues. Therefore vitamin C deficiency can act as hindrance to the process of acquiring weight loss.

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