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Web Design And Internet

by Robert Baird


Since the introduction of the World Wide Web, computers and the internet have become indispensable to human life and it is at times alarming to note the amount of dependency that human beings exercise over these mechanical devices. It is known that in order to gain information, one usually enters the significant key words regarding which the information is required and the web search engines provide a list of websites that it feels will provide the necessary data. Therefore websites are extremely important as not only do they provide a plethora of information but at the same time their presentable features play a very significant role in boosting their popularity and marketability as well. The art of web designing refers to the different methods employed in designing a website and giving it an appearance that would not only lure consumers but at the same time provide the necessary information as well. In the present world where external appearance is so important web designing is definitely a very important aspect. In purely technical terms, web designing refers to the conceptualizing, development and designing of the delivery of electronic media content with the aid of the internet. This electronic media content is transferred in the form of mark up language which can be easily deciphered by the web browser and also by the Graphical User Interface or GUI which is responsible for displaying them. The primary purpose of web designing is to aid the conception of a website and lead to its inception and this is done in the form of storing in the form of a set electronic files on the web server which display content in the form of web pages. In this case it is necessary to point out that web pages can be of two kinds, namely static web pages and dynamic web pages. When it comes to static web pages, these are pages which do not engage in transferring their contents unless it is done manually by an experienced and efficient programmer. On the contrary, dynamic web pages can readily alter themselves depending on certain external factors and this change in content is facilitated by the use of various scripting languages like Actionscript, JScript and JavaScript.

In case of web designing it is necessary to remember that web pages contain both images as well as written content and these data need to conform to certain forms like JPEG, PNG, GIF and for written content XHTML, HTML, XML etc.

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