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Weight Loss In Teenagers

by Robert Baird


Obesity has emerged to be a matter of real concern amidst societies all over the world and it is distressing it note that statistics have revealed that in current times it is not only the adults who are falling victim to obesity but even the teenagers and youngsters are not excluded. With the progress of time a growing percentage of youngsters are suffering from obesity and the percentage is steadily increasing. There are several factors which have contributed to this. One of the major reasons behind this is the changing lifestyle of modern children. Not only are their day to day routines very injurious for health, most of them are addicted to junk foods which contain huge proportions of calories. Such addiction to high calorie foods and their daily consumption have facilitated obesity among young children. Moreover, another factor which has furthered this cause is the lack of any form of physical exercising. As a result obesity is a common problem among youngsters today and it is an alarming situation as obesity is known to make individuals susceptible to contracting fatal diseases like cancer, coronary heart ailments and diabetes. Therefore, the main agenda in this case is to ensure that teenagers today maintain a healthy diet and also exercise rigorously and the same is prescribed for those who are overweight.

Physical exercising is the most effective means of losing weight and youngsters can engage themselves in some form of sporting activity in order to ensure swift weight loss. Apart from aiding weight loss it would be good for health too.

It is significant to remember that the human body requires moderate quantities of fats, proteins and carbohydrates and therefore it is necessary for one to consume al these in adequate quantities without overdoing it. However in cases where one is immensely obese, the prescription may differ. It is necessary to ensure that carbohydrates and fats are consumed within limited quantities as both of them are extremely conducive to excess weight gain. Even meat, eggs and poultry along with dairy products like milk should also be taken in fair amounts. Fresh fruits and vegetables are not only excellent sources of vitamin and mineral content but at the same also aid in weight loss and maintaining body weight. It has been estimated by researchers that one's daily diet should comprise pf fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates like cereals, bread and rice in moderate quantities as well as proteins like milk and meat. The remaining portion should be contributed by fats.

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Many weight loss diets fail from lack of discipline.

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