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Zone Diet

by Robert Baird


With the growing demand for various weight loss programs, innumerable weight loss supplements have flooded the market. While many of them are effective in resulting in weight loss, most are quite useless. Adhering to a weight loss diet is one of the commonest means adopted by overweight individuals in order to attain weight loss. Dieting during weight loss definitely does not refer to the abandoning of all food and resorting to starvation as these can cause anorexia among individuals and also lead to death. A perfect weight loss diet refers to the consumption of healthy food supplements and curbs down the intake of high calorie food substances to ensure that excess fat accumulation in the body is prevented. Among the various popular weight loss diet programs, one can also refer to the Zone diet which though not exactly designed to be a weight loss diet can actually work wonders in aiding and sustaining weight loss. Barry Sears is the man responsible for formulating and popularizing this diet program and it works on the principle that the intake of carbohydrates and proteins are balanced in the form of 3:4 ratios. There have been made several experiments in order to judge the capability of the Zone diet program and it has been revealed that it is successful in causing weight loss at moderate rates. In fact it has been noticed that as a result of indulging in this diet pattern, it has been possible for individuals to assure the fastest fat loss along with a corresponding muscle gain and it has also been pointed out by researchers that the participants in a Zone diet have not been affected by adverse effects like hunger and fatigue. By the term ‘zone' Barry Sears actually refers to a kind of hormonal balance. According to him there are certain anti-inflammatories produced by the body which are extremely helpful in aiding the functioning of the heart. He also points out that the human body contains adequate amounts of calories and there is no need for storing excess calories as fat within the body cells.

Low carb diets are extremely popular in aiding weight loss all over the world and the Zone diet popularized by Barry Sears is also considered to be a kind of low carb diet. However, it is also necessary to point out that like other low carb diets like the Atkins diet, the Zone diet does not insist upon too much restricted consumption of carbohydrates. It is a very popular diet program in the United States of America.

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Exercise and a reasonable diet is a great way to reach your weight loss goals.

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